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At one point, this incredible discovery was available in stores like Walgreens and GNC, but it was unable to sell consistently because of it's unique selling proposition.

Today, Protandim is not sold in stores but instead relies on a direct sales model that is shared through social networking. We're looking for a few good people to help us build a purpose-driven network of health & wellness enthusiasts who are seeking to improve their health and the health of millions more over the next several years.

If you're interested in sharing this amazing anti-aging, blood-test proven discovery in over 22 countries, please click the button below and fill out the form on the next page.

Mark & Lori Welch

Pastor, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

Mark and Lori are pastors at The Pointe Church in Sacramento, California. In 2008, they were heavily involved in real estate development before the bottom fell out of the market causing them to lose almost everything. 


After watching a short ABC news report on a major blood test proven discovery from University of Colorado, they saw an opportunity that changed everything. Real estate soon became secondary income to LifeVantage.


Today, Mark and Lori hold an Executive Pro 7 position at LifeVantage and are enjoying a freedom-producing income to outpace their real estate careers in order to concentrate their passion in helping others to build freedom through the power of residual income.


LifeVantage has also given Mark and Lori the financial ability to spend more time on their ministry without having to worry about a ceiling on their income. As Mark and Lori would tell you, God was the original network marketer.


Mark and Lori offer tremendous team support and are only a phone call away in helping you to build the wellness business of your dreams.

Steve Hilier

Steve Hillier

Real Estate Broker, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

Steve is an extremely accomplished residential real estate broker in Northern California and has personally sold over a 1,000 homes to date.  Steve also owns a real estate brokerage with over 200 sale agents selling over $2B in home sales over the past several years.


Given his success, it's not unusual that Steve is often faced with inquiries as to why he chose to personally invest his time and share LifeVantage as a business with others when he's already running a successful business of his own.


Knowing Steve, he would tell you that he knows a good opportunity when he sees one. Steve has a keen ability to understand market trends and recognized early on that LifeVantage was in a unique position to grow to a global multi-billion dollar company in a very short amount of time. Unlike more volatile markets such as real estate, the health and wellness market trends have continued to steadily rise over the past several decades and especially in todays world of preventive health awareness, they are poised to explode.

Lastly, while real estate transactions are lucrative, they are not residual. Being a 'numbers' guy, Steve has studied several compensation plans from many different direct-sales wellness companies and found the LifeVantage compensation plan to be one of the most impressive — backed by transparent data provided annually by a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. 


Today as a LifeVantage Pro 6, Steve is quickly rising in the company ranks to outpace his real estate career. As you join LifeVantage, Steve is your partner in helping you to turn your 'side-hustle ' business into a full-time lifestyle income.

Ted Kopecko

Ted Kopecko

Licensed Commercial Architect, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

By profession, Ted is a licensed commercial architect and a commercial real estate broker in Northern California. 


Ted built one of the largest architectural firms in his city and has completed over 5 million square ft. of building projects from large industrial distribution centers to hospitals. During these early years Ted was highly successful but had no free time to spend with his family. Ted learned early on that he had to make a choice between working his life away, or working towards an opportunity that would afford him more time freedom.


Since then, Ted sold his architectural practice to a national firm and transitioned to commercial real estate brokerage. Like Steve Hillier, Ted understands the power of residual income and has built a very successful LifeVantage business over the past several years.


Besides the financial advantages, however, Ted has experienced first hand how powerful the LifeVantage human health discovery has been to his own wellness.


Faced with a serious chronic illness for most of his life, Ted watched the ABC Investigative report on Protandim and decided to research Oxidative Stress and how it was effecting the state of his own health. After taking Protandim, Ted was delighted to find it had a profound effect on the outcome of his overall health and wellness.


As your partner, Ted is dedicated to helping you and your family gain better health and time-freedom producing results by plugging into our global team of like-minded individuals such as yourself.

Andrew P

Andrew Porto

Creative Director, 7xLife Founder, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

In the early 90’s, Andrew accepted a creative director position for a nutraceutical manufacturer in New York and was charged with designing hundreds of vitamin, mineral and herbal product packages for multiple private label clients.

He didn't know it at the time, but that position would go on to give him one of the best educations in the supplement / wellness industry by working alongside biochemists, Naturopathic Doctors, and supplement formulators. By doing so, he gained a unique knowledge and perspective on the supplement industry as a whole and even went on to private label and promote his own mineral supplements for both human and pet markets in the early 2000’s.

Fast forward to today, his urge to get back into the health and wellness industry was met with LifeVantage. Given his previous experience, Andrew immediately saw the path to success was already paved with a blood-test proven breakthrough discovery, world-class research by credible independent health organizations and protected by up to 7 international patents.


As Andrew states "LifeVantage is a true ‘turn-key’ wellness business-in-a-box that takes care of absolutely everything needed to run a wellness business without all of the overhead and resources needed to run that business. Simply put, an average person can now share this incredible discovery with others without having to be a medical doctor or nutritional expert, but can also share in the success of what’s soon to be a Billion Dollar global business with absolutely ZERO competition.

Nina Johnson

Nina R. Johnson NC

Nutritional Consultant, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

Nina is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant specializing in anti-aging/oxidative stress reduction. Her  practice is focused on the reduction of oxidative stress and age related disease as well as the prevention of, and support for, neurodegenerative disorders  such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


She accomplishes this through targeted nutrition and whole organic foods as well as lifestyle modification. When Nina was introduced to this amazing Nutrigenomic discovery – which combines the wisdom of eastern medicine with cutting edge western scientific method – She knew she had to be a part of it!

Nina is passionate about sharing scientifically substantiated natural health concepts proven to protect and improve structure, function, longevity, and quality of life and she does not believe that "age related" illness is inevitable.

Dr Kwiatkowski

Dr. Scott Kwiatkowski D.O. 

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, LifeVantage Independent Distributor

Everything Dr. Scott Kwiatkowski does is devoted to one idea, empowering people so they can feel more alive and make their mark on the world. 


For over 20+ years, Dr. Scott has been a multiple board certified physician who helps reduce pain & restore lives in the field of osteopathic medicine. Through his years of practice in treating patients, he has come to realize the body is extremely powerful in rejuvenation if we allow our bodies to perform the way they were designed.


Today…. Dr. Scott has studied the power of Nutrigenomic sciences and how they are developing natural combinations to turn on our cells specific signaling pathways to inhibit disease and promote cell longevity. The way our bodies were meant to work versus synthetic drugs to mask or alter symptoms.  


Dr. Scott is proud to be part of LifeVantage, a leader in nutrigenomics Nrf2 science to promote natural solutions for a healthier world to let our bodies express the best version of itself. 


Join us and let’s make the world a healthier place….TOGETHER.

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